A recap of the week’s expanding learning time (ELT) news:

The Collaborative for Building After-School Systems (CBASS) is changing its name to capture the entire expanded learning movement. They are now Every Hour Counts – learn more about all of the stakeholders they included in their new messaging at their website: www.everyhourcounts.org.

In his New York Times column this week, Tom Friedman looks at the schools in Shanghai, China, which operate with 8-hour school days, and marvels at the time teachers have for teacher collaboration, preparation and professional development.

Houston Independent School District, led by TSC Signatory Terry Grier, announced more impressive results for their Apollo 20 district, which includes longer school days as a key foundation of their model.

Communities in New York, such as Auburn and Utica, are engaging in thoughtful and spirited conversations with parents, teachers, and other community members about what expanded learning time could mean for their schools as they consider submitting applications for grants under that state’s new ELT Initiative.