From soccer to karate to dance to tutoring, children in middle- and upper-income communities often have many opportunities during the after school hours and summer. For students in communities of concentrated poverty, however, access to enriching opportunities may be more limited. A new video released by TASC, led by TSC Signatory Lucy Friedman, outlines the 6,000 hour learning gap between higher-income and lower-income students by the time a student reaches sixth grade.

Expanded learning time can help bridge that gap. By providing more time in the school day and/or year, schools are able to both give students the strong academic education they need and the well-rounded education they deserve. We know that it is critical that students leave school with the academic skills necessary to succeed in college and career, but they also need a balanced well-rounded education that prepares them to be citizens in the 21st century.

We know that time matters. Thank you for joining with us to ensure that all children in our nation’s high-poverty communities have more and better learning time in school to prepare them for success.