A recap of the week’s expanding learning time (ELT) news:

With upcoming Mayoral elections in San Jose, CA, candidate Sam Liccardo has not only prioritized education to improve public safety and further develop economic opportunity and city services, but is calling for expanding learning time in the city’s schools. In a community where 3 students drop out of school for every 10 that graduate and 60 percent of public high school graduates fail to satisfy the entrance requirements of the state university system, Liccardo wrote this op-ed to outline why believes San Jose students could benefit from expanding school hours.

With the election of New York City’s new mayor, NY Magazine featured a progressive wish list in order to create a better, affordable city with a strong focus on building better schools. Their plan for creating higher achieving schools for students across the city focused on expanding learning time, as well as increasing access to pre-K and an emphasis on teaching STEM science.

With the latest cold front school districts in Missouri are seeing an increasingly shorter school year and may re-evaluate their school calendar. The St. Louis Dispatch supports that effort as Missouri has a particularly short academic year with 174 days, six below the national average of 180 days. Despite the efforts last year, legislation failed to add six days to the state’s academic calendar from Gov. Jay Nixon’s proposed plan.