A recap of the week’s expanding learning time (ELT) news:

A video of first graders at Orchard Gardens School, an expanded learning time school in Massachusetts, reciting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, went viral. Watch the video for your Friday inspiration.

With all the weather across the U.S. this week, many states have had to shut down schools, sometimes for days at a time. Education Week spotlighted districts in Ohio who are turning these snow days into “eLearning days.” One school in western Ohio has already missed 8 regular school days, but has expanded learning time instead of having to make up time at the end of the year.

The National Educators Association partnered with Viva Exchange to develop a collaborative report on how teachers believe they could use time better in the school day and what they would want in a restructured school calendar. Their findings are compelling – check them out here.

Hawaii lawmakers are pushing for a longer school year. If this bill passes, schools will lengthen the year by 10 days. VIDEO To see how other states are enabling expanded learning time, check out our interactive tool here.