The case for adding school time is pretty simple. Check out these 10 reasons why it’s worth it to expand learning time in schools:

1.) ALL children get more and better learning time

2.) ALL children can pursue their passions, including science, art, sports, music, and on and on

3.) ALL children have the equal opportunity to excel and take more time with subjects they are struggling in

4.) ALL children get a well-rounded education

5.) ALL children have access to individualized instruction

6.) Students build deeper relationships with teachers

7.) Teachers have more time to plan and collaborate

8.) Parents don’t have to worry about safety after school or finding engaging childcare

9.) Research shows more learning time leads to higher student achievement

10.) The cost is not really that much when comparing it to what students gain
From the Financing Expanded Learning Time in Schools report it was found in all five 5 school case-studies increasing time is cost-efficient, relative to the costs of the regular school day. The average amount of added time neared 30 percent more, while the added costs were less than 10 percent more than the district per pupil expenditure. (pg. 8)

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