write a blog post

We’d like to invite you to submit a guest post for our blog. Please abide by these blog guidelines. You can write a personal story of your choosing connected to expanded learning time, or answer one of these questions:

  • Why should schools expand learning time?
  • How has ELT transformed your life or your community, as a parent, student, teacher, advocate, community member?
  • Share with us a positive motivational story that highlights an ELT School, teacher, class, etc. that has made a difference for a student
  • Share stories how more and better learning time has been implemented well
  • Share your personal positive reflections on current events in the nonprofit/education sector and surrounding public policy and advocacy related to ELT.

In addition to your submission, please be sure to include the following information:

  • First & Last name
  • Hometown
  • Digital Photo or Headshot
  • 1-2 sentence biography

Please submit blog posts to Chelsea Murphy at cmurphy (at) time to succeed (dot) com.