ELT equity fact graphicI read a really interesting article at the EdTrust’s Equity Line Blog last week about the difference between equity and equality. It helped reinforce for me how the work we do at Time to Succeed Coalition helps to close the opportunity gap.

The article spelled out the difference between equity and equality as:

Should per student funding at every school be exactly the same? That’s a question of equality. But should students who come from less get more in order to ensure that they can catch up? That’s a question of equity.

The blog goes on to say, “Yes, making sure all students have equal access to resources is an important goal. All students should have the resources necessary for a high-quality education. But the truth remains that some students need more to get there.”

Time is a resource. In order to ensure that all students are prepared to succeed for college, career and beyond in the 21st century, we know that some students will require more time in school. Under this framework, that’s a matter of equity – leveling the playing field to make sure that students in communities of concentrated poverty have access to more and better learning time.

More time in school alone isn’t the answer – we know that. However, more time for individualized instruction in areas where a student in struggling and more time in enrichment classes, such as music, arts, drama, physical education, can make a difference. Research has shown that more time well spent can be powerful.

Time is one resource on the path to providing all students with both an equal and equitable education. Join our movement and become a signatory today, to be a voice for those who need more and better learning time.