learning stylesTake this Learning Style Quiz by Edutopia. This quiz asks 24 questions and will take less than five minutes to complete.

As the quiz shows, everyone has a different learning style. We are all unique in our own ways and we grow and learn at different paces.  In order to engage all students to be successful, teachers need to use a variety of ways to motivate and inspire their students through engaging multiple senses rather than one.  Schools have started to develop new and innovative ways to incorporate individualized learning techniques and teaching strategies to keep up with the rigors of 21st century learning.

In order to build in personalized learning, schools need to provide well-rounded opportunities to pull out individual strengths. The brain is a muscle that gets stronger with exercise and needs to be stretched for problem solving, innovative thinking, and the skill of learning itself.

That’s where expanded learning time can be a game changer. With more time in the day, schools are able to build schedules that  give students  more specialized support in needed areas, more active time, and more enrichment opportunities.  More time enables a range of strategies to improve teaching and learning, from restoring crucial subjects to the core curriculum, to individualizing instruction for students who are falling behind, and creating new opportunities for students to excel.

We must remember that intelligence comes in various forms, people have different interests and more hands on and enrichment time can pull out new strengths students might not know they had. With expanded learning time, we believe that more students across the U.S will excel and have access to different ways of learning.

Share activities/resources you use to teach to different types of learners.