inspiring creativity in childrenAs I read the Euronews article and watched the great video about innovative teaching around the world, I’m inspired to see ties between these featured programs to what many U.S expanded learning time schools are providing.

In the video there is a strong focus on integrating art and hands-on projects and physical movement into educational experiences. The movie features a lot of innovative ideas that engage and inspire students and excite teachers. A school in Denmark has students learning with Legos starting in early elementary school, which allows students to build a strong skillset and engineering skill base, not to mention sparking plenty of creativity and innovation. In Pakistan, children have been introduced to topics outside of the usual curriculum in the hopes of generating creativity highly driven with the arts.  Students at Taiwanese middle and elementary schools in remote areas are introduced to mobile museums through a project called the “immerse in creativity touring exhibition” and schools have been able to expand access to students who would not have the opportunity to visit in person.

“The theory here is that if children are physically, socially active, emotionally active, and intellectually active, they are most engaged, high functioning, and then you get high performance.”

By incorporating a fun way of learning and engaging with students through all different ages and levels, students are able to find different ways to be inspired. Time is a great solution to redesign schooling to generate more engaged students who will in result become high-performers. Adding significant time to the school schedule enables schools to redesign and add learning time for all students to provide more academic and more enrichment opportunities across the school day and year. Let’s rethink how we use our school time and integrate creativity with academics to produce future imaginative, creative, innovative leaders of the 21st century.

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