expanded learning time newsHappy Friday! Hope you had a good spirited April Fools’ Day! Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

The Notebook¸ focused on education news in Philadelphia, devoted a section of their news to expanded learning time this week. One great article focused on the importance of expanding learning time from a student’s perspective. Khyrie Brown wants more from his school: more art, more music, more books, more laptops, more time. Another article focused on how schools use more time wisely, with KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School as the primary example of how schools can thrive with expanded learning time.

The Preuss School in California has 23 additional school days a year, logging 74,669 instructional minutes compared to the state requirement of 64,800. The cost of  time students spend in school above the state minimum is not covered by the state, so the school leaders have started a multi-year fundraising campaign to ensure future Preuss students have the same opportunities to succeed.

While many schools scramble to make up lost time after snow days this year, the Wall Street Journal examines how schools use time. Our TSC Co-Chair, Chris Gabrieli, is quoted as saying school districts wouldn’t have to worry about snow days if they made the academic year longer. “If kids’ learning is really important, and 180 days is meant to be the minimum,” he said, “why are schools so close to the line?” The length of the typical school year has caused consternation, with many politicians and policy makers suggesting it should be lengthened to help U.S. students better compete in the global economy.