happy student learningYou may say my child doesn’t need more time in school. S/he has a great education with the current school day, and expanding learning time (ELT) will disrupt his or her pre-existing after school activities. We understand that, but we also think that more time in school means expanding opportunities. Here are 11 Reasons Parents Should Support ELT:

  1. Adding more and better learning time to the day will give your child a high-quality education.
  2. More enrichment! Integrating arts and p.e. into the day helps keep children healthy, active, and strengthens their minds.
  3. Better work/life balance for you! There’s no need to worry about afterschool childcare, since the school day mirrors more closely to a work schedule.
  4. No need to worry about your child’s free time after school and the dangers they could get into. With an expanded school day, your child may spend the afternoon hours engaged in  on sports teams,  apprenticeships, or in other engaging classes.
  5. Personalized support  for your child on any needed academic areas. If your child  is behind and needs additional support and attention to grasp the material, teachers have the time to give students.
  6. On the flipside, there’s more opportunity for teachers to accelerate learning for your child grow if s/he is ahead.
  7. Your child can be around great role models – in enrichment programs and electives teachers and community partners can connect with students in more casual ways and find common interests in a less structured environment
  8. Children can find new passions and academic interests. With more time, schools incorporate classes like  singing, digital storytelling, coding, breakdancing, hands-on science, debate, or tae kwan doe
  9. Whether through mastery of academic content or finding a new passion, children are likely to enjoy going to school more.
  10. With less time at home in the afternoon, your son or daughter will have less time in front of the television and video games.
  11. See a bright future ahead for your child. With more time, your child can be well-prepared for college and career in the 21st century.

And to that we say – what about the children who don’t get have those opportunities? Shouldn’t they have the chance at a high-quality education? Every child can benefit from an expanded day!