Thank you teachers for national teacher appreciation weekOur team would like to thank their Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Chelsea writes, “I’ll always remember my 3rd grade teacher, Jane Mellor, who made the classroom a fun place to be- where learning was hands-on and engaging. She taught me the love of learning. Thank you!”

To Mr. Rand, 7th grade geography teacher, “Thank you for opening my eyes to the world beyond our city lines and for teaching me that doing things right takes care, not speed.”
-Blair Brown

My favorite teacher was my 6th grade ELA teacher (Mr. Pugh).  He took the time to develop positive relationships with his students by getting to know them on a personal and academic level.  He showed a true passion for teaching and learning.”  –Chenee

“Thanks to Daniel Rice – 8th grade and senior English teacher.  He was tough, and he introduced me to symbolism in literature.  He also introduced me to The Red Badge of Courage, which is still one of my favorite novels.  He died last fall, having left a legacy of students who learned a tremendous amount from him about what it means to read literature analytically and to write about it intelligently.” –Joe McKown

“I remember my AP U.S. History teacher, Mr. Donohue, fondly. In that year-long course, I learned more than in all my previous history classes combined. More than the content, though, he taught me how to use a historian’s eye to look past names and dates to trace change over time and to try to discern the underlying motivations that drive episodic events. I’m quite sure it was his pure enthusiasm for the intellectual challenge of studying history that played a role in prompting me to go on to earn a Ph.D. in American history.” –David Farbman

Join us in thanking your most inspiring teachers. You can submit a blog on our website here or tweet using the hashtag #teachersmatter to honor the teacher who inspired you most.