Elt weekly newsHappy Friday! Hope you enjoyed your short work/school week. School is almost out for the summer (if not out already)! While you are gearing up for summer fun take a moment to nominate a teacher for the Global Teacher Prize — they could win $1 million.

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

BREAKING: California students are suing the state for more school time, claiming they have received far less learning time than more affluent kids across the state. The lawsuit identified several reasons for what it calls lost learning time, including a lack of teachers at the start of the school year, incomplete class schedules, the aftermath of traumatic lockdowns, overreliance on substitutes to fill long-term vacancies and “service” courses that require students to do office work or other tasks.

Black Voice News made a compelling case for expanding learning time, and using that time well, in order to close the achievement gap: “Six decades after Brown v. Board of Education, an old idea is being resurrected in hopes of narrowing the education gap between Blacks and Whites – expanding the school day… Experts agree that potential ELT success does not lie in the time itself—it’s how the time is used, and whether the program is structured and in line with the school’s particular goals and weaknesses.”

Deseret News also featured an article this week about how longer school days can lead to better grades. “Concerns over how to successfully improve failing schools have lead researchers to look at the benefits of longer days with a more varied curriculum. They found that when students in low-income areas are given more time, test scores improve between 11 and 24 percent.”