“How are we supposed to pass if we don’t even have a teacher here to teach us?” –Student Plaintiff

Last week the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California filed a lawsuit on behalf of eighteen students from seven schools against the state of California for knowingly reducing learning time in lower-income schools and slowly robbing students of an equal education.

This is an important cause to us, as we work to ensure that all children have the time in school that they need for a high-quality, well-rounded education, especially in our nation’s disadvantaged communities. Too often, we see students in communities of concentrated poverty falling behind academically and we are excited to hear that students are fighting for their learning time in order to receive the academically-strong, well-rounded education they deserve.  It’s important to make sure that time in our classrooms is time well-spent, whether it’s the average 6.5 hours a day, or a school with an expanded day.

TSC Signatory Jennifer Davis, co-founder of the National Center on Time & Learning, made this statement on the Cruz vs. California lawsuit (read the whole statement here):

“Schools across the country are showing the great promise and potential of expanding the school calendar to give all students – and particularly students living in poverty – the learning opportunities they need and deserve. This lawsuit underscores the pressing need to expand learning time in high-poverty schools while also making sure that the time is used wisely and effectively. We applaud these students for fighting for the high-quality learning time they deserve.” 

To learn more about the lawsuit and hear from more plaintiffs from seven elementary, middle, and high schools in the Bay area and Southern California click here.