summer learning dayIt’s Friday! Did you know today is Summer Learning Day? It’s important to raise awareness about the importance of summer learning to help close the achievement gap and support healthy development in communities across the country. Find summer learning resources on our Pinterest page.

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

WJC Schools in Virginia plan to standardize recess time for all elementary schools and are adding 10 minutes to the elementary school day to do so. By adding the time to the school day, the School Board is also building in time to allow for inclement weather across the year.

Arizona Central reported on how different districts in the state handle the summer break. Several Phoenix area districts are using the summer to offer summer learning opportunities for their students, including Dysart Unified District in Surprise, which is focusing on third-grade literacy.

Children in Santa Rosa County, Florida will see a longer school day next year. Administrators are expanding each day by 6 minutes, which will add 30 minutes to each school week. By adding the time to the school day, administrators are hoping to allow more time for teacher collaboration.