USA ELT SOUPUSA! USA! I never thought it would be so exciting to lose a game. Hope you are having a great Friday knowing that the U.S. is moving on in the World Cup. Have a great weekend!

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

New York State has awarded grants to nine school districts as part of the state’s $24 million  Extended Learning Time grant initiative. This new initiative will allow  schools to redesign the school calendar for all students in the school by expanding the day or year by at least 25%.

Spokane, Washington elementary school students will have 30 minutes added to their school day for meaningful instruction. This added time will allow the school administrators to provide more instructional time in the classes where they see the most need, including math and language arts while also putting  the school district more in line with the rest of the country.

Charles Ballard, a Michigan State University Professor, promotes the longer school year as a way to combat the long summer break in a Bridge Magazine column. He writes, “Students forget a lot over the long, long summer. And so our children spend weeks every fall re-learning the things that were lost over the summer. The losses are greatest for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, whose parents can’t afford to fill the summer with enriching activities. If we in Michigan are serious about providing our children with a solid foundation for economic success, I believe we should have a school year of 200 days.”