Tim Howard ELT SoupThis week’s ELT soup comes to you on Thursday because of the holiday weekend. What an exciting and stressful USA game yesterday; I think we all can agree Tim Howard is amazing.  Hope you all have a more relaxing 4th of July weekend! Our offices are closed on Friday for the holiday.

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

Congrats to KIPP schools for being awarded the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools this week. The award honors charter systems in urban areas that are improving performance and closing achievement gaps between minority and low-income students and their white or higher-income peers. KIPP is one of the early pioneers of expanded time in their schools, and our TSC hats go off to them on this well-deserved award!

TASC just released their 2013 Annual Report, which  includes a video  showing why it’s so important to expand learning time for middle schoolers. Check out the great work they are doing.

Massachusetts’ Salem Public Schools are rethinking strategies for how best to educate and engage their middle school students, with redesigning and expanding learning time as one key strategy under consideration. One middle school is proposing to to expand learning time by 300 hours across the year to increase student opportunity and enrichment and provide more time for teacher collaboration and planning.