augustELTsoupHappy Friday! And happy first day of August!

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

A recent story out of New Haven, CT has been making the rounds in the education reform world via the Hechinger Report. The tale is of one school’s effort to expand learning time and how that attempt failed to meet expectations after one year. The National Center on Time & Learning unpacks the story to explain why this one school should not be considered any sort of bellwether for future efforts to implement high-quality expanded learning time.

Pomona Middle School in New York will be expanding their school day by two hours this upcoming year. Pomona Middle School is the first in Rockland County to lengthen the school day.

PBS Newshour did a segment on why longer school days can be more fun for students.  The segment highlighted Middle School 223 in Bronx, New York and all the great enrichment programs they have in place to complement their academic learning.