BestYearEverAs many realize, schools with expanded learning time are already starting their next year, or will be very soon.  As you head back to school Edutopia is a great resource to check out. They have been featuring a series on how to make this year the best year ever.  They’ve pulled resources/tips/blogs together to provide helpful support for teachers heading back to school.  If you’ve seen it already, awesome; if not, here’s a great place to start, “Teachers: Preparing for Your Best Year Ever.”

No matter if you work in an expanded-time school or not, all teachers/administrators can find things of use in here. I’ve had a chance to look through some of the articles, and another one that is a good read is called “Back to School: Preparing for Day One.” For her first tip, author Rebecca Alber recommends the teacher to be Organized, Tidy, and Ready. While this is specifically talking about the organization of the classroom and its supplies, it should also apply to the use of TIME.

Using time well  is a point that we touch on a lot at Time to Succeed. Successfully expanding learning time means carefully planning classroom time to use every last second in a purposeful and thoughtful way.  When we say “time well spent”, we mean  that a teacher maximizes learning time and eliminates unproductive time in the schedule, such as transitions and material distribution.

If you are looking for resources to help you with school or classroom time organization, the National Center on Time & Learning has some great tools to help you. Hope you have the best start of the year ever. If you have other tricks about how you make sure time is well spent in your classroom please comment and share with us!