Happy Friday! Many schools are back-to-school this week; hope you had a great first day and that you have a great 3-day Labor Day holiday weekend.

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

Students and faculty at the Casimir Pulaski Elementary School are enjoying the expanded schedule, now in its third year at the school. With the longer day, the school has integrated more time for both enrichment activities and intervention blocks. The school is reporting   increased attendance rates  high 90 percentile as well as an increase in achievement on math and reading tests since expanding learning time.

There has been a lot of discussion this week about how early school start times are unhealthy for teenagers. Bloomberg View highlighted this news, and agreed that teenagers need late start times and longer days. “Teenagers need more sleep. They also need more time in school.”

One week into the school year, the school communities at two Panama City, Florida  elementary schools feel the longer school day is worth it. This parent said, “I’m glad there’s an extra hour for him to focus, and it seems like there’s less homework sent home so he can actually enjoy home time.”