ELTsoupseptHappy Friday!

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

A school in Connecticut has happier students after adding more time to their school day. Casimir Pulaski Elementary School in Meriden, CT lengthened its school day by 100 minutes and has seen attendance rates increase as a result.

Third-graders at Montgomery Elementary School in Davis, CA will be involved in a pilot program that gives them 30 additional minutes of instructional time. Administrators are excited. School principal Sally Plicka told the Davis Enterprise, “With our STEM program, our language lab, our focus on literacy and our school goal of ensuring that all students are reading at high levels by the end of third grade, teachers felt that this additional instructional time would provide them with the ability to do their work in a more excellent and satisfying way.”

Matthew Lynch has been writing about K-12 schools in his Huffington Post series on year-round schools. In his recent post, he discusses the length of the school year. Lynch advocates shifting the traditional school calendar to a year-round one, and alternatively explores the options that an expanded school day offers. He asks, “Is it time to turn the U.S. K-12 school calendar completely on its head by abolishing summers-off schedules and adding time in the classroom?”