Happy Friday! Happy December!

Here is the recap of this week’s expanded learning time (ELT) news:

The Hechinger Report highlighted the success of Guilmette Elementary School, an expanded-time school in Lawrence, Massachusetts in an op-ed by NCTL President and TSC Signatory Jennifer Davis. Expanding the school day by over 300 hours was a critical piece to the school turnaround. After one year of its redesigned schedule, Guilmette is seeing impressive gains already, in addition to new opportunities for enrichment for students, but one year is too soon to call the job done.

ELTsoupdecemberAfter Auburn declined to pursue their extended learning grant, Guy Cosentino from the Auburn Pub still emphasizes the need to continue to explore expanded learning time options in New York. He agrees that change needs to happen in schools and says, “There is very little debate that we need to make changes to the way education is conducted in this nation, still largely based on the agrarian calendar of more than a century ago. Setting aside standards and hot button topics like Common Core, there is a need to get students in the classroom for more instructional time and for longer periods.”

Educators in Georgia are pushing for longer school days. The Georgia Association of Educators recognize that some schools in Georgia have cut back to as little as 140 days of classroom instruction, which is not meeting the needs of students. Educators are hoping to provide the time needed for a high-quality education.