Happy Friday!

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of expanded learning time:

With the support of the Ford Foundation, the Annenburg Institute for School Reform just launched a new site — www.timeforequity.org — which is full of resources and has a new set of indicators to document how expanded time and learning opportunities can transform the lives of students. Check it out!

The Portland School Board is leading the way in expanded learning time in Oregon.  On Tuesday night they approved a two-year contract with the teachers union to increase class time for students and professional development time for teachers. Starting in the next school year, students will have a 6.5-hour school day, which means  an additional 20 minutes of class from the current school schedule. The overall number of school days in the year will decrease to 178 days from 180 days, but overall students will be attending 46 additional hours of class over the course of the year because of the longer school day.

Appreciable gains in math were concluded from a study of Rochester, NY fourth-graders who took part in a five-week summer program. The study is now tracking the students’ progress over a longer period; several more data releases are planned through 2016.  Rochester Superintendent Bolgen Vargas has made a priority of extending the school day and school year. He pointed to Tuesday’s report as proof the strategy is working, at least in part.