ReadyNation released a report on the benefits of more and better learning time from an economic standpoint. The report found that an outdated school schedule is costing New York $2.3 Billion a year because students from low-income communities are losing learning time each summer, therefore only receiving the educational benefits from 8 out of 10 months of education the community pays for. For low-income children, whose families can’t afford expensive enrichment programs and are often less likely to read during the summer, time off causes them to lose, on average, 2 months of education in both math and reading. Sandra Parker is all for longer school days/years:


Learning loss during the summer months accounts for up to two-thirds of the achievement gap between low-income children and their more advantaged peers. If you believe in more and better learning time to avoid the huge costs of letting low-income children fall behind in school sign up to be a signatory today!