richardstutmanBTUThere has been a lot of attention on Boston Public Schools this week, with big news on expanding school days for all district elementary, middle and K-8 schools. NBC Nightly News highlighted how Boston Public Schools are planning to add an additional forty minutes to their school day next year based off of a tentative  agreement between  Mayor Martin Walsh, Superintendent John McDonough and Boston Teachers Union President (and TSC-MA member) Richard Stutman.  The segment highlighted the great work that is happening within the Eliot School, a Boston K-8 school which has already expanded their schedule.  Watch here.

Yesterday, the Boston Teachers Union overwhelmingly voted in favor of the ELT measure with a 4-1 margin. Paul Aegersheim, a music teacher at the Condon School, told the Boston Globe he voted in favor of the plan because, “Teachers will have more time to do what they do best.”

“As long as it benefits my son, I’m all for it,” said a Boston Public School parent in the NBC News segment.

Michael O’Neill, the School Committee chairman, said he was not surprised teachers approved the proposal, “Our teachers care about what is the right environment for our students to learn well.”

The measure now will go to the School Committee for a final decision, which is expected to occur on January 28. We are excited to see the opportunities that ELT presents for students and teachers in Boston.