februaryELT SoupHappy Friday!

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of expanded learning time:

Our signatory, Jennifer Davis, Co-founder and President of the National Center on Time & Learning, wrote a piece for WBUR about the benefits of longer school days using Boston as an example. She says, “Schools across the commonwealth — in Boston, Fall River, Lawrence, Revere and other communities — have already shown that a longer school day can improve student achievement, provide fun and engaging learning opportunities, and keep children safe while their parents are at work.”

The Portland school board in Maine is envisioning a cool change to their school schedule. Combining the idea of expanding time, with allowing more sleep for teens, they want to add 20 minutes to the school schedule while allowing high schools to start later, and elementary schools to start earlier. Under this new proposed schedule there will be fewer school days in the year, but students will have 46 more hours of learning with expanded days!

This week Meriden, CT Public School Superintendent, Mark Benigni, was recognized as a ‘leader to learn from’ by Education Week. Benigni has been a city councilor, mayor, and now a local schools chief and has championed expanding educational opportunities for children in his hometown of Meriden, CT. In a historically underperforming school district, longer school days have yielded promising results.