Happy Friday! Happy March Madness!

marchmadnessELTHere’s what’s happening this week in the world of expanded learning time:

This week Roberto Rodriguez, the Deputy Assistant to the President for Education in the White House Domestic Policy Council, blogged on The White House blog about 10 reasons why we can’t afford to cut education funding.  It was exciting to see that his fifth reason is the success of expanding learning time, citing the gains that TSC Signatory, DC Chancellor Kaya Henderson, has had in DC schools with expanded-time.

A new study by Stanford’s CREDO Institute shows that Boston charter schools are showing striking gains when compared to their traditional district peers in urban districts nationwide. One way Boston’s charter schools are able to have these gains is in through their expanded school days and years.

Superintendent Martha Barrett of the Frontier Regional and Union 38, is rethinking how two schools in her Massachusetts regional school district use their time, particularly for teacher collaboration and professional development.  Superintendent Barrett is proposing to eliminate the seven existing half days at the elementary level and the six half days in at the high school. Additionally, all school days would be extended by 10 minutes. Barret explains, “We’d lose 45 hours of class time, but adding 10 minutes adds 25 hours back in, and eliminating the half days would give us another 21. So we actually gain an hour of instructional time.” The plan will be voted on in a school committee meeting on April 9.