The Time to Succeed Coalition (TSC) is a broad and diverse coalition working to ensure that all children in our nation’s high-poverty communities have more and better learning time in school to prepare them for success.

Expanding learning time (ELT) gives all students the time to develop the core academic skills they need and to receive the well-rounded education they deserve.  Students, teachers, families, and communities all need a modern school schedule to meet the demands of today’s 21st-century world.

Did you know?
Our current school calendar is based on a 100-year-old Agrarian system.

For Students

ELT means more academic instruction and personalized support. It means the opportunity for teachers to provide deeper content in subjects such as social studies, history, languages, science, and technology as well as broaden students’ exposure to arts, music drama, community service, and athletics.

For Teachers and Schools

With more time, teachers have the power to transform the way they deliver their lessons and the way they lead their schools to higher achievement. ELT provides the flexibility to implement new strategies thoughtfully. It provides more freedom and creativity for teachers and more individualized support to meet each student’s needs. It also gives teachers time to collaborate with colleagues, to use data to better assess students’ progress, and to reflect on their practice. With the additional time, teachers are also able to foster more nurturing relationships with their students.

For Families and Communities

ELT better matches the school schedule to the work schedule, helping to keep young people supervised and away from risks. Students can be at school learning, experiencing, and developing. With more time, schools can also connect the community more deeply into the lives of students through partnerships that bring individuals, non-profits, and cultural and higher educational institutions into the daily school schedule.