Topic: Summer Learning

ELT Soup 01.24.14

By: Chelsea Murphy

A recap of the week’s expanding learning time (ELT) news:

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Over the weekend, NPR's All Things Considered, ran a story on the long-term effects of missed summer learning. In it, President and Co-Founder of the National Center on Time & Learning, Jennifer Davis, talks about the many combinations available to schools to increase learning opportunities all year long. Listen here. 

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ELT Soup 8.2.13

By: Katie Fox

Entering the last few weeks of summer vacation for most schools, summer learning loss remains a hot topic. Just this week, a Slate article questions the repercussions of summer vacation on education equality, and an article in The Hechinger Report features ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy, an expanded learning time school in New Orleans that returned to school this week.

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Across the country, summer has been in full swing for weeks, if not months. Children have been out of school and in the midst of the hazy days of summer – camps, programs, summer school – for weeks. But in New York City, one school had a different idea.

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Summer Learning


The summer is here, and summer vacation is in full swing in states across the country. Unfortunately, for many low-income students, so is the summer slide. This is the time when the achievement gap generally grows. The National Summer Learning Association has created an info-graphic to highlight some of the familiar problems with the traditional summer break.

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