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Our newest supporters include: Tracey Waid, Teacher; Minna Tulloch, Vocational nurse; Jordan; Joshua Lachs, National Executive Director; Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interior Designer and Mother; Nicola Holzberger, Parent; Kulu Sadira, Parent; Allison Bass, Concerned Citizen; John Uphold, Parent; Patrick Jenkins, Businessperson; Salvatore Presutti, Businessperson; Denise Miceli, School leader; Ramon Gonzalez, education activist; Abbie Harville, Student; Regina McNerney; Jim Lamb; Deanna B, Student; James Maciejewski; Pauline Wasserman, Staff at Brown University; Patricia Pell, Parent; Elizabeth Gullen; Susan Klement, Partner; Eric Leslie, Founder/Lead Organizer; Denise Thompson; Tim Kuzelka, Former Attorney; Reed Wildman, Veteran; Jennifer Thomas, Parent; Terrence Jones, Youth Mentoring Advocate; Deena Pierott, Private School Founder; Edgar Schofield, retired manager.

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